Monday, May 18, 2009

Kentucky BioAlliance Members to Present at BIO

Two Kentucky BioAlliance member companies are presenting at the BIO 2009 conference. Below is more information on the presentations. Stop by and learn a little more about the exciting work taking pace in Kentucky.

Wednesday, May 20 in booth 5924

11:00 AM
Reinventing Plant-based Drug Discovery to Unblock the Pharmaceutical Pipeline
John M. Littleton, MD, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, Naprogenix, Inc.

The flow of synthetic drugs from conventional R & D is slowing, eroding investor confidence in the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries. Leveraging the extraordinary diversity of bioactive metabolites from plants could reverse the trend, but current approaches to plant-based drug discovery are slow and expensive. Applying functional genomics technology to the production of biologically active metabolites by plants could facilitate the discovery and optimization of active compounds in plants, and may challenge synthetic chemistry as a source of novel molecules in the future.

11:30 AM
Self-assembled Nanoneedles for In Situ Measurement and Manipulation of Soft Biomaterials
Mehdi M Yazdanpanah, Ph.D., CEO, NaugaNeedles

A unique nano-fabrication technology has been developed for growing individual nanoneedles of silver-gallium at a selected location and orientation. These electrically conductive nanoneedles provide stiffness that is well-matched to the viscoelastic properties of complex fluids and biological materials. The technology is being integrated into platforms for combined electrochemical and viscoelastic probing of live cells and subcellular organelles within live cells. Specific progress towards this system includes recent demonstrations of using silver-gallium nanoneedle-tipped probes to (1) make precise AFM measurements of the rheological properties of polymeric liquids, and (2) puncture individual live cells and measure viscoelastic response.

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