Monday, June 22, 2009

Plant-Made Pharmaceuticals Conference to Attract from Across U.S.

Sullivan University College of Pharmacy and Kentucky BioProcessing, LLC (KBP) are collaborating efforts to promote a very specialized area of research on Plant-Made Pharmaceuticals (PMPs).

On July 15 – 16, these two organizations will join forces to host the Plant-Based Therapeutics Symposium, the first conference of its kind in the United States. This conference will address very specialized research development that contributes to humanity at large by promoting protein and peptide drugs obtained from plants.

The first day of the conference, in Louisville, consists of ambitious podium presentations, where researchers from more than ten states and two countries will share their findings on PMPs. The inaugural event occurs on Wednesday as well. This event will include two keynote speakers, Dr. Jeanne Novak of CBR International and Dr. Charles Arntzen of Arizona State University, presenting their scientific experience within the PMP field and industry. Novak, CBR International’s Principal Consultant and Chief Executive Officer and a well-known professional in the PMP world, will also serve as the Chair of the entire conference. The day’s presentations will fall into one of three categories: General Applications of Plant-Based Therapeutics, Plant-Based Antibodies/Anti-Cancer Agents and Plant-Based Antivirals.

Thursday is to be held at the KBP facilities in Owensboro. A tour of the facilities, along with presentations by key PMP industry professionals, will start the second day of the conference. Dr. Yuri Gleba, of Icon Genetics in Germany, will present how PMPs contribute to human health. That afternoon, Dr. Jeanne Novak and Dr. Kathy Hanley will lead an interactive workshop called “Quality Systems Development for Plant-Made Pharmaceuticals.”

This Plant Based Therapeutics Symposium will bring together some of the world’s leading experts to discuss potential product breakthroughs, different PMP production systems, and the business and regulatory issues unique to this emerging industry. Researchers of all levels, and students interested in the field, will share experiences and results from PMP-based research.

Plant-based therapeutics are part of a developing science that use natural proteins and peptides from living organisms, primarily plants, to produce remedies for various ailments. Utilizing such a plant-based transient, or transgenic gene expression system, significantly reduces the time, risk and huge capital expense of a typical bioreactor. This conference is planned to be the first of many in the years to come, as PMPs are expected to gain momentum and popularity within the United States.

This exciting event will begin at the Sullivan University College of Pharmacy facilities, located at 2100 Gardiner Lane in Louisville. Conference hosts will provide transportation from Louisville to Owensboro, and back, for the second day’s events at KBP. Educators, scientists and researchers are encouraged to attend, but the program is open to anyone who has an interest in furthering his or her knowledge of PMPs.

Interested participants of the conference should contact the Conference Secretary, Allison Koch, at (502) 413-8955 or, or may find further information and details at Interested parties are encouraged to go online to for details.

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